Christmas Tree & Christmas Tree Lights Safety Tips from Festive Lighting a leading supplier of Christmas Lighting and Decorations in Ireland.

  1. Only purchase a tree that has the label ‘fire resistant’. Although a fire resistant tree can still go on fire it will be harder for a fire to start because the material is flame resistant and a fire if it does start is easier to extinguish.
  2. The fresher a Christmas tree is the less likely it is to catch fire because it is hydrated with water. Dried out wood is more likely to cause a fire. A fresh Christmas tree’s oine needles should bend in your hand and not break and the end of the tree trunk should be sticky with resin when patted on the ground.
  3. Keep your live tree hydrated with water at the base and do not leave near a heat source or a radiator that will dry it out.
  4. Never have a live flame near any type of Christmas tree – artificial or fake. Candles should be in a safe place away from anything that could catch fire.
  5. Be safe with electricity when installing Christmas lights. Don’t overload plug sockets with loads of adaptors. Use a qualified electrician for any electrical work.
  6. Check that the lights that you have on your tree are fit for purpose – some lights are for indoor or outdoor use only as these instructions should be adhered to.
  7. Do not use any lights with any defaults in the cord or that are worn or broken. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see how many strings of lights can be plugged in a once.
  8. Safety on ladders and at heights. Always have someone hold a ladder for you. Don’t go up on a roof in bad weather or at night. Work with a partner.
  9. Use correct fixings and brackets when hanging lights and decor above people.
  10. Use low voltage lights around pets and children.
  11. Always turn off Christmas tree lights when going to bed or when you are leaving the house.
  12. AFTER CHRISTMAS – Dispose of a Christmas tree that is shedding needles or dried out immediately. A dried out Christmas tree is a fire hazard in your home.

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